View Full Version : Top 250 clan minimum 20k global points

master chief 1
09-25-2013, 10:32 AM
Top 250 Vae Victus

Very well organized clan looking to add more members. We fight around the clock with day and night crews. We finished 563 in Colombia, 437 in Madagascar, 365 in Poland, 363 in Australia, 303 in Canada, 274 in India and 222 in France. Must have at least 300k att and def. Donate 2million a day. Make at least 20k global points in war. Must be able to download free app called Line so we can communicate with you. Please pm me with your stats and any questions.
Bonuses are
Health regeneration max
Ground att 5%
Infantry att 5%
Infantry def 30%
Ground def 20%
Air def 10%
Sea def 10%
Building def 30%
Building output 10%
Guild increase 24