View Full Version : Usawm needs some active players

09-25-2013, 05:03 PM
The top 500 team USA War Machine faction is recruiting 6 strong players now!! We need strong and active members to fully achieve our goals. We are also consistently ranking in the top 260 in the pvp. We always complete the faction missions, often in Prestige mode. We have $4.6billion in the faction bank waiting to be spent along with these bonuses:

Ground defence 30%
Ground attack 15%
Infantry defence 30%
Infantry attack 15%
Building defence 30%
Building output 20%
Air defence 20%
Air attack 10%
Sea defence 20%
Sea attack 5%
Health reduction -26%
We are a growing faction getting stronger and stronger everyday.
If you're interested then you must meet these requirements:
A minimum of 200k attack and defence.
A minimum of 20k battle points in the wars, 40k in the pvp's.
A minimum $3million daily donation OR $21million weekly donation (higher donations are always welcome)
We use Wechat to communicate which is vital to our success, it is compulsory. It's free and safe, we have great forums for support, intel, activity reports and general mucking about.
But most importantly we want you to stay active and have fun. As a team we are already very strong, but always looking to grow. If this sounds like the faction for you, then please find us- our code is: 322-474-733