View Full Version : Want the faction prestige unit? Currently 25/43 top 100 Bravehearts of Scotland

09-26-2013, 12:57 AM
Bravehearts of Scotland will finish the prestige event and have space for 3-4 more people.

If you have seen the unit, you know it's worth it! If you have completed solo prestige as well then your gonna get a 100k unit with +4 energy regen so why not join us and get those amazing units.

The deal is you put down some gold. We've got us this far and you can play your part in our win by spending some gold too, it's a winning situation for everyone.

Pm me for terms and I'm happy for you to stay or leave following the prizes.

Ideally 2500 energy for some of the later bosses are gonna need that unless you're using gold to refill.

This is a great chance to get never repeated units.