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09-27-2013, 07:43 AM
I had an idea and it could be total rubbish. I expect to find out by posting here.

To me, factions are supposed to be like a brother/sisterhood. They are intended to foster a common bond between members. However I've seen too many people joining and leaving factions, war to war, in between events, to sister factions, camps, etc. Factions tend to lose a little bit that way. Sure a lot of factions have those core members that are always around, that make it what it is but I bet a lot of factions also have those few new players that come and go every war as well. So I have a suggestion that could help promote choosing a faction, sticking with it, and growing in stats with all members....and make use of the coins handed out during the FLTQ events too.

I think it would be a neat idea to use coins to provide bonuses to members of the faction. For example

100 coins = +3% air attack
500 coins = +10% income
1,000 coins = +1 energy regeneration
2,000 coins = ??????

I wouldn't know what the bonuses would be....but it would help people from faction jumping all the time, provide a use for the coins, and encourage participation during FLTQs.

09-27-2013, 08:02 AM
Interesting idea. But the factions themselves can help promote that sense of brotherhood/sisterhood. I'm now in my third faction, and if all goes as planned my last.

I won't discuss my first -- just a disaster in the making. Was top 400-600, depending on how our leadership team, and particularly our leader, decided to actually lead each day. (Note that I was one of the first officers to be promoted long ago, and I tried daily to get this to work, but bad personalities prevailed ...)

Second I was in was top 100. Incredibly organized. Incredibly strong. Incredibly friendly. I was genuinely surprised. I was expecting an elitist attitude, but got exactly the opposite - friendly personal welcomes, helpful hints in-game, fantastically organized events, and on and on. But they stick to their requirements, and if you don't make the WD point minimum (one requirement) you will be kicked. I stayed thru one war and left. The ONLY reason I left is because I don't want to have to spend a half a vault of gold every month to make the WD point min. (See my "France was the last straw" thread for my future no-more-gold-usage). If not for that, I would have stayed forever. But they were just out of my league stat-wise. I still miss those guys. Great group.

Current faction is incredible. Top 150 (except for the point freeze at the end of France .... GRRRRRR!!) Easily as organized as my second faction. Literally the only difference is that the general stats are not quite as good. But I plan to stay forever. These guys are just plain fun, friendly, welcoming, organized, helpful. I cannot say enough great things about my faction now.

So my point is that fostering both a great atmosphere and a balanced set of requirements for participation (whether it be donations, WD points, participation in faction events, comms, whatever) is what will keep people from faction jumping. Some will jump regardless; nothing you can do about that. But it is possible to get that balance, along with the right set of personalities. From what I see, we now have both the balance and 52 great personalities. And a junior faction which is quickly growing a set of monster LLPs who will join us in the future.

OP. Not bashing your idea. I think it has some merit; perhaps a lot. But the faction itself is what should make players want to stay, not the game mechanics.