View Full Version : New Faction has 8/22 spots filled join us going for win streaks 861114711

09-27-2013, 02:25 PM
Kevs Cunning Stunts accepting new applicants. 300k+ only Our 8 members average 494k Attack 675k
Defense, two of us have over a million in defense.
Hello we are at 8 members now of 22 spots. Faction looking to recruit a few more players. We ended upwith a 52-3 record and will placed around 1220th place. Gained 65,496 Attack 71,103 Defense this war.

We go for wins and win streaks for the units not ranking on the WD event but should be top 1000 with a few more members.

We completed the normal faction goals of winning 50 wars gained 27,375 ATTACK 28,889 defense
We completed the first 8/9 prestiege goals gaining 38,121 attack 42,214 defense
We were on the last goal and won 6/12 then lost.

We are looking for players with at least 300k stats. If you are tired of outrageouse demands of your faction wanting you to earn 150k-200k points and buying three vaults of gold every war come join a great faction. we all buy one vault a war so very easy on the budget.

If you are not an active player do not apply

Georgia Boyz
09-27-2013, 08:14 PM
We are doing the same so let's merge.I can make you an officer and you can bring your team on board. We have 9 openings of a 38 member faction.We are strong as we have 2 players over 1 mil def and several from 200-900k defWe have good bonuses also.So let's talk and do this merge and get the streak goals and also the wins goal.

Building Output:+10%
Infantry Att:+10%
Ground Att:+5%
Infantry Def:+30%
Ground Def:+30%
Air Def:+20%
Sea Def:+20%
Building Def:+15%
Guild :+18
Faction Code: 522-743-508