View Full Version : Worldwide guild for Active Mature Players

09-28-2013, 08:22 AM
Fellow iOS Knights,

Unsatisfied with your current guilds performance, or plagued by poor communication and guild war planning? We are a competitive in guild wars with players from all around the world. Currently our knights represent USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and the Philippines. We have many 100+ knights, but being active is more important than being strong.

An Australian member keeps track of timezone so we can make battle plans for all hours of the day. I keep guild statistics and promote 3 weekly high commanders based on gold contribution, guild quest participation and level growth, so all players have a shot at leadership. We have a guild page here on the forums, and many knowledgabe members to answer any questions. We're friendly, active and mature and have grown rapidly, being only a little over a month old.

We are currently a coalition of three guilds that have merged together to rise above the competition. We use LINE to coordinate guild wars, share photos and links. Join us, and like the Phoenix we will rise above the ashes to soar over our defeated enemies.

PM me or add me on LINE: Zyntree

Guild Stats:
The Red Phoenix
Lvl 34
Bonuses 5% all & 6% fire
Contributions ~ 10-12 million / week