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09-29-2013, 08:38 PM
PM me if you're interested in a merger.

+25% Infantry defense
+20% Defense from Buildings.
+15% Ground Defense
+10% Air Defense
+5% Sea Defense
-14% Health Regen time.
+ 10% building output
+5% infantry attack

Purchasing gold is not a requirement
No Required daily donations.
Friendly group

09-30-2013, 10:08 AM

We are a Top 750 Fraction that is looking for a few good members to come be part of our team and help us to get the be the next Top 500 team, and on & on. We just had some fall cleaning that had to be done and we have purged the "dead weight" as they say from our group. We have a guild of 34 members with only 20 taken at this time, so we could take small groups, individuals, or other fractions that would like to join forces and help each other be stronger.

Our bonuses are as follows;
Health Regen Time: - 19%
Infantry Attack: +10%
Infantry Defense: +25%
Ground Defense: +20%
Air Defense: +15%
Sea Defense: +10%
Building Defense: +20%
Building Output: +5%
Guild Member Increase: +14

We are getting ready to buy More building out put bonuses and a few more once we all decide what we need.

Our invite code is 206223661

We have members that use gold and some that don't, gold is not required but being an active member and donate what you can with good communication is.

Please check us out and lets win some wars together..

09-30-2013, 10:42 AM
We are looking for a few more active players only if any of you wanna come join us we placed in top 600 last war