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09-30-2013, 06:15 PM
We placed lower than was acceptable last blitz because had 5 people who did NOTHING. 63rd place is not good enough for us! Their loss is your gain so we are looking for some active players who will participate in the next war and get us into the top 25!

Come and check out Forgotten Fellowship.

Our guild stats:
Guild level: 43
Guild Master: Daddoo- Lvl 160
Guild Sentinel: RedKind- Has THREE epic armors and is bada$$ in the arena.
Guild Champion – Woggy – 2 armors like the beast he is.

Elemental Bonuses:
Fire 8%
Air 7%
Earth 7%
Water 7%
Spirit 7%

You must meet these minimums:

- Line app - If you don’t have it you must get it.
- Level 100+ - our members are in the range from level 100-300.
- Armor: Maxed legendary+ or epic (most of us have at least one + version maxed, many have more)
- Guild war participation – We booted our non participators so don't come if you don't play.

To apply, send me, Woggy, or Alleto a message on LINE with your stats (we use the same names).

Come help us get to the top!

10-03-2013, 08:06 PM
Bump it bump

10-07-2013, 06:15 PM
We have one spot open for the impending war. Drop a line if interested.