View Full Version : Power to the people

10-03-2013, 03:06 AM
Getting fed up with all these complaint threads...what's the use?

The solution for better support, answers, development lies with you all...

I know a gem boycot during war will never be followed by eveybody and has been tried before.

But all you top 10-20 teams, instead of complaining that units don't have good specs, join hands (I know you all talk to each other) write an open letter to Gree, stating you won't buy gems anymore until all outstanding matter are deald with or at least answered.

It's like everywhere: 20% of the top customers make 80% of the turnover....so use this power.

OK, you might miss a few units duing quest or war, but does this make such a big deal for the stats you already have?

Instead of thinking about your ego or ranking, for once think about the future of this game and everybody playing.