View Full Version : Best place to raid for orbs?

Silent follower
10-06-2013, 12:09 AM

I am wondering where would be the best place to raid for more orbs instead of buying them with honor? Any map/monster which gives good drop rate of them?

Another big problem for me is that I can only see if I got an orb by going to guild/vault, they are not visible in the screen. Anybody else with is problem?

10-06-2013, 12:14 AM
The troll in Giant's Alley gives them, as do raid bosses themselves, occasionally. But, we are only ten strong and will run out, before the end of the normal mode, despite our best efforts. Buying them with honour is horrendously expensive.

When receiving them from GA, I see them, when leaving that area.

Polgara's Daughter
10-06-2013, 04:02 AM
Try Owlbear Hollow. Male Owlbears have been rather generous to us. Overall rate low, but still might be fewer XPs than the troll.

10-06-2013, 11:00 AM
Try shipwreck and sea of flame, u get one every 3-5 kill at least for me. Less xp than GA also, hope it helps

10-07-2013, 03:34 AM
the huts at Maleba Island.......only 1 xp gain as well

Scarlet Heart
10-07-2013, 03:54 AM
Some if you newbies don't know this but if you talk about good places to farm orbs etc in the game GREE simply nerf them. For future reference go to the non GREE administrative sites for such knowledge