View Full Version : Are you solid or hollow?

10-06-2013, 04:56 PM
It's interesting for me to go along attacking rivals as I attempt to finish level 14/14 of the Los Muertos campaign while racking up battle points for the battle point tournament... You end up killing well over 5200 people in a short period of time.. And I've noticed the vast differences in battlepoint totals received from this new influx of trophies at the faction level... It quickly accelerated alot of folk who now have a collection of very high stat trophies combined with their previous prior level of lower stat trophies... To the point where the entire density of their top 2000 units is as though it is hollow...

The battlepoints for this new population who have high stats are the very same as those who didnt get or didnt receive all of the recent trophy sets... Whereas the people who didnt get them or didnt receive all of them with the very same high stat scores are more battlepoints like they should be.

So makes me wonder if I'm a high battlepoint yield or a low battlepoint yield for my stats when others attack/raid me... Used to be you can overmatch your attack and get a fairly decent amount of battlepoints... This has changed with the inflation of stats.