View Full Version : Only The Best (Android) Looking for one more player!!

10-07-2013, 06:26 PM
Rank: 19th in last real war (Android)
Guild Level: 42
Guild Master: Level 100 with epics
Sentinel: Level 124 with epics pluses
Guild Champion: Level 135 with epics

* During the 24 hour blitz we stepped back and really didn't participate and are saving our gems for the big war.
* We have players from all over the world so we have people on at all times of the day, which is a big benefit during the Guild Wars.
* Our Guild is Competitive, but still fun to be a part of.
* Recently kicked a lot of players after 24 hour blitz because they weren't contributing properly to the success of the Guild SO WE HAVE OPENINGS TO BE FILLED.


-Must be level 100 or higher
-Must be willing to spend a few gems during war
-Must download and use Line Chat. (My name is blueyes1941 on line chat)
-Must be able to listen to the leaders of the Guild since we do have a plan in place
-Above all you must want to win and be willing to put the time in to make that happen.

*We are ready to go for the top 10 and if you are too message me on the forum or linechat me at blueyes1941