View Full Version : Need 1 player for Top 750, Faction LTQ's, Faction WD

10-08-2013, 03:04 PM
Looking for Top 750 Player, just 1 spot open.

The Lords Of War are in need of just 1 new member, We have all active players but we just need that 1 more to complete the last remaining open spot.

7 Wraith Goliath's

Finished 511 in the last PvP,

faction invite code is 436447043

requirements listed below.

WD event is a must play, PvP only small amount of points required because of fast leveling up but enough to show you are here to play as a team. Guild LTQ is a must play.

Able to understand strategy, and good communication skills.

we do have gold and free players.

donations are on avg. of 500k-3 million per day

being active and having FUN, no drama plz.

No freeloaders only active 460+allies with exceptions.

we do offer a private facebook page for sharing info on LTQ's and other things. And groupme.
no mergers. but thanks for the post bumps.

faction boosts are in my sig.