View Full Version : CHANGE YOUR DESTINY! Forsaken Has an Opening!

10-08-2013, 10:36 PM
Hey all. Forsaken has 1 opening. We have a player that had an emergency happen in RL and has to bow out for a while. This is a chance to change your destiny. Damn, that sounds cheesy!

Fact is, there are some of you that slave your arses off for your guilds and you sense that you may be the only one really hitting it hard this war. If that it you...please contact me. Don't suffer the fate of #11-20 ranked guild while getting the total crap that will result since rewards are so ridiculous rank 11+.

Point is we have 1 opening RIGHT NOW. We are a spamming guild, meaning, we all spend gems and get points. What we need for you to apply:

1. 2 epics (preferably maxed) and over level 100 or very close.
2. You have to spend gems and be freakishly active in Guild Wars.
3. Be committed to positive team building and stay away from negativity in forums or in guild.

What we promise you:
A guaranteed top 10 spot in Guild Wars for a long time to come. I suppose saying we have been #1 and #2 in last 2 wars helps.

Contact inkjets via line messenger