View Full Version : Stopped By To Say Hello👍👍

Dr BoneCrusher
10-09-2013, 12:23 PM
Hello everyone, I hope all is well? I was just reading my emails and ran across one from gree about the bonus program, as I can see others recived it also. Great attempted at public relation from the mods, lol. Well only reinforces my decision to win the game. Also, i see FC is still top dog (not that that will change). Nice to see old names. Probably will be tumble weeds on here in a few months. Time to go and play other games, you do know their ARE other games, right?

10-09-2013, 12:52 PM

i only other game i play is Modern War

10-09-2013, 01:12 PM
Dr. B! How are things? Paulio's re-retiring (wimp!), the usually trolls still grace this sacred place, and everyone seems to hate Gree. All is right with the world :)