View Full Version : Top-20-Guild Recruiting -- Royalt Looking for Two

10-09-2013, 08:58 PM
Team Royal-t--top twenty in the second-to-last war, top ten in the last--is looking for a few dedicated yet down-to-earth players to join the fold before or after the upcoming war. We've recently pruned a few inactive members and should like to pick up two new members to help us trod towards the top ten.

What we don't want: mercenary players jumping ship for a free ride into war rewards, or players who don't care about loyalty to a guild, real life, and working with everyone--even weaker players--to make the whole team stronger. If you're interested in trying out, head over to www.kd-royalt.com and post a response to the public forum thread about recruitment.

Look forward to meeting ya'll, and good luck.

-royalt- pilfer (Stallion's faithful famulus)