View Full Version : Player broke his iPad... his loss could be your gain! Fun, top 250 team has 1 spot.

10-10-2013, 11:34 AM
One of our favorite members recently broke his iPad (no, not on purpose...). He's not in a position to buy a new one and his phone is a Droid, so he's taking a step back from the game. This means that we are now a team of 51 with 1 spot open.

We finish most of the faction events (debating on this one, but we could do it if we wanted to), finish consistently in the top 250 and are a very coordinated group.

Our bonuses are:
Health Regen -30%
Infantry Attack +15%
Infantry Defense +30%
Ground Attack +10%
Ground Defense +30%
Air Attack +10%
Air Defense +30%
Sea Defense +20%
Building Defense +30%
Building Output +15%
Guild Increase +32

You should be:
- a very active player with strong stats based on your level
- willing to use our chat program to communicate
- willing to help based on the team plan for each event / war
- looking to join a FUN, COMPETITIVE and COORDINATED faction
- looking forward to meeting new friends from all around the world

Gold use will never be mandatory. We expect players to be active in the ways that they can best help the faction - that could be gold use, amount of time involved, etc.

Message me now to find out more!


10-17-2013, 11:58 AM
UPDATE: The iPad is getting fixed, but we may have 2-3 positions open due to the removal of some players who have gone inactive. Message me now and possibly get in to help with the final boss challenges!

Count L
10-17-2013, 04:41 PM
Hi, I'm a lvl 94 active player with 440k att and 470k def and ~ 520k iph (all unboosted), looking to join a faction of similarly active players. My previous faction underwent quite a bit of change and I found myself as one of the few members still participating in faction events. Using 3rd party chat and occasional gold purchases are not a problem for me. Your faction sounds excellent and I would like to submit my application to join.