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10-11-2013, 04:49 PM
I have found my faction! Have you found yours?

Navy SEALS are an active team, looking for 2 active members who fit in with the group. There are currently only 2 slots available before Mexico!

What does it take to be a Navy SEAL?

Daily Activity
Participation in Team Events
Communication and Coordination
Honesty and Integrity
Keeping your word - say what you'll do & do what you said
Light Gold or Free OK
Regular Donation - Not a strict, pre-set amount, but what you give will end up benefiting you in the form of bonuses anyway, so generosity is expected.

Stats are not our main focus, but we are looking for players with a minimum 3,000:1 attack to level ratio, and prefer 5,000:1.

What does Navy SEALS offer you?

Team Atmosphere
Friendly Banter
Commitment to doing our best at all times
Many high-level rewards
If we say we'll finish something, we finish it. Period.
Health Regen -26%
Grd Atk +10%
Inf Atk +10%
Inf Def +30%
Grd Def +25%
Air Def +15%
Sea Def +15%
Bldg Def +30%
Bldg Output +25%

Yes, we finished Poseidon and Omega and beat all 7 Angel Ortega's daily goals. We finished the first day's goal in under 2 hours, and every successive day's goals in minutes. Several members sport the 118K Wraith Battle Jet, and we all sport the Poseidon Trench sub.

We don't tolerate freeloaders, and we expect participation and communication - but this isn't that faction where you get constantly yelled at. It's simple - if you don't want to participate or communicate, you're in the wrong place and need to move on. No point shouting about it.

This is also good for you because it means you aren't expected to carry others' dead weight.

We have strong leadership who listens to membership, who are open to discussion on whether we go after a goal. If you don't want to participate and contribute toward faction goals, that's fine, but this is not your faction. If you do want to sacrifice to win the rewards and climb the leader-boards while having fun conversation with a great group of friends, then this IS your faction.


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