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10-14-2013, 10:41 AM
Our top 16 moved to a top 50 faction, was a little more than we expected and not for us. So we all came back and have added two spots.

Top 250 is not as big a deal as it used to be, but still a strivable (Yes I make up my own words as I go) goal. with just winning wars giving awesome units and the FLTQ events with super units. So no as much stress on just getting points. Still have to get them tho. But name of game is now wins, wins and wins.

We have a mix of heavy gold users, light gold users, and no gold users. Even our no gold users get 50K WDE points. Faction full of addicts!!!

We as a faction finished prestige and got the Super Sub last event. We focus on faction events as opposed to individual, frankly because the Individual LTQ units suck in comparison.

Stats need to be a minimum of 600K and a minimum lvl of 100. Sorry we are full on LLP's at the moment. In fact would remove some LLP's if we had the right person, our LLP's range from 400-700K and are all below lvl 70

Health -30%,
Ground attk +10%
infattk +15%
inf def 30%
ground def 30%
air def 20%
sea def 15%
building def 30%
building output 15%
GM increase +24

We donate well over 200 mil a day. Fun group. Must have groupme app for communication. No group me means no joining.

Looking for V. active daily/hourly players. Please contact me for more info. can take up to 2-4 of the right players. Thanks for reading! 8)

10-16-2013, 09:25 AM
Full up, adding 2 more spots . 1st two fighters on boss event in the bag. 564 907 916 or PM me here

10-17-2013, 07:30 AM

Lamers express, get on board!!!!!