View Full Version : [IOS] Realm of Gods Recruitment

10-18-2013, 06:01 AM
Want to leech off the rewards and do absolutely nothing? Want to just hit that Declare War button for no reason? Then piss off. We are currently seeking members join our group for fun. We may not be the best guild out there but we are the godliest out there. We've kicked out several players for inactivity and there are now 7 spots open. Here's a bit of information:

Realm of Gods:

Guild level: 31
Members: 20/27
Boosts/Bonuses: 5% Air, 5% Water, 6% Earth, 6% Spirit, 6% Fire

Simply search up our guild name and we're probably going to accept you, no matter what level you are (except Level 10's) (duh)

So if you're simply looking a cool guild to join, search us out and JOIN US! We has cookies! Come to the dark side! We have pi!

-Imhotep (XBB PQZ PFY)