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10-18-2013, 05:07 PM
GreeTings All!!

First of all, i sincerely thank everybody who has helped us out with the faction bosses, without you we would never have got as far as we did, thank you all. And thanks to the factions who allowed a temporary migration of players. Thanks.

A thing we just found out recently, is a change in the mechanics of faction goals: If you fail to complete a daily goal, you begin the next one fron scratch, rather than having to complete current goal before starting next one. This was how it was in the precious faction boss event - Enemy Omega.
This new development was not from the three points mentioned in the official update, so we assumed it woukd not ne altered..we were wrong of course..
As to our recruitment thread guaranteeing 5/7 goals completed, was perfectly reasonable based on our assumption..we would do goals 1,2,3 in a day each, and spend two days on goal 4 & 5 each...making it doable. Although it may not have been mentioned by Announcement, we were foolish to rely on assumptions, and should have confirmed with other factions before making a guarantee.

Thus, the thread for faction goals has been deleted as it is no longer applicable. On that note, i will not be doing a recruitment thread like this (in general section) in future even if others do..although i may think of a validating workaround ;)

On the point of inethical recruitment, we were not just recycling llps, harvesting kills and then disposing. Instead, we created spaces by temporarily removing our own players for inactive periods (sleep, work etc) to create space around the clock. This tactic worked, but became an issue when new llps were not on our palringo to coordinate..the leader at that instance was supposed to leave a message on the wall to reapply when online..if that wasnt done, then we are at fault, and request our sorries. Specific apologies sent to bitgh unfair dismissals, forgive us please.
And thanks for the humourous sarcastic nickname :P

Once again, thank you for bearing with us, and for all the assisstance.

Have a nice day all :)

~Z, @BBR - Booting Big Recruits (not really lol ;)

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Leave shallow remarks for YouTube, not here

And apology accepted

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Hire this guy at Gree customer service, he does much better at responding to mistakes