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10-20-2013, 08:36 AM
Ok guys I will give 2k blocks and 100 million cash for some one who will drop in my faction and do 10 bosses... pm me we will exchange details

10-20-2013, 08:38 AM
Note you will not be staying till end of event hence the reason for the blocks and cash for your team

10-20-2013, 09:06 AM
Pm sent has been sent.

10-20-2013, 09:24 AM
I can do that for day 7 if u want

10-20-2013, 10:09 AM
Zullqafar pm me

10-20-2013, 06:03 PM
i also have an account on bluestacks that pretty low lev that hasnt hit any bosses yet, he should be good for a easy 10, let me know if still needed

10-20-2013, 06:07 PM
I have a low level also that can get 10 easy. Would have you donate the money to my higher players faction though. Just let me know

Kill Joy
10-20-2013, 07:44 PM
let me know if you still need 10 kills. we can get that done for you.