View Full Version : New syndicate accepting all recruits!!

Clobber Knocker
11-01-2013, 09:19 PM
Name : Knock A Block Crew
Mission: To be awesome, and knock some blocks on the way!
Members: 17/28
Bonuses: 27
Respect Payout 20%
Building Output 20%
Car Defense 10%
Melee Defense 25%
Gun Defense 10%
Armor Defense 10%
Defense Building 20%
Syndicate Member increase +8
Invite code : 211 563 460

Looking for: Anyone who wants to be part of a new growing syndicate that is stress free with no requirements! There are no level/stat requirements (High lvl with very low stats maybe an exception) no downloads, no participation requirements, no communication requirements. No worries!!! Just put in an invite request and we will accept you as soon as on officer logs on and accepts.

Requirements: There are none! How it works - when member cap is reached, we remove 2 players that are inactive and don't contribute. Our goal is for all members to be active. If all current members are active then we add member cap increase, because we don't remove players who are loyal no matter level or stats.

We have a website (Uncompleted) with functional forums.
If you would like to see it please send me a message and I'll send you a link.

If you want to be considered for officer then contribute and show leadership in the forums during syndicate activities, register on our syndicate website and make at least 1 post. Do this and you will be made officer. If requested may consider giving admin abilities to the website to players who show interest in helping the syndicate and tinkering with websites.