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Perfect R96
11-02-2013, 10:47 AM
Hello All And good morning/evening/night

We are looking for some awesome people to help improve our syndicate. Formally a top 500 side and looking to get back to those dizzy heights.

Our core base of players are very active and loyal and generally there is someone online to offer help should it be needed. We can pull together come crunch time and can complete most of the syndicate tasks (the ones worthwhile anyway) And although we consider ourselves a free playing syndicate there is a few gold players.

(In the raid boss just about to complete normal mode and half way through elite)

Surprisingly we are quite organized and are very open to new ideas to improve. We have just dumped a load of inactive players and now have a lot of spots open. We use palringo chat app and for the time beginning at least, to get these last expensive bonuses, we have set a 5x iph daily for donations. We do have some other set rules like. Officers only declare battle. We donít have a set minimum Att/Def requirements. But as a rule of thumb we uses your level to = your stats. Eg, level 150 would be at least 150k

So what we are looking for.
*Able to score min of 10K in battle points
*participate in all group events.
*team player
*Have enthusiasm
*Have fun

Best ever finish in battles 419 (complete overall rank is 548)
best finish in pvp 317

Current Bonuses, with more to come!
All Defense Bonuses maxed out
Melee Attack +15%
Explosives Attack +10%
Car Attack +10%
Gun Attack +10%
Influence Points +10%
Hideout Health 15%
Hideout Damage +15%
Job Payout +25%

So if youíre in a lower syndicate and looking for a move forward, tied of carrying your team, constantly out scoring your defensive leader. or looking for a gold rest, Then come give Perfect Requiem a try.

Thank you for looking. Any other questions please just ask.
P.S not looking for a merge. Only daily active players.

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