View Full Version : Top25 looking for a team we can merge into

11-04-2013, 10:31 AM
We are about 15-20 players looking for a new syndicate we can move into.
We are leaving a top25 syndicate so our stats are what you can expect for members of a top 25 syndicate, high.

we want to make top25 in battles, top10 is ok too if there is any top10 that can take us. but merging with a syndicate that is close to top25 is also good cause our addition of players will make sure we make top25 together.

everyone uses gold obviously and we always make battle commitment.

Please send me a PM including
-your syndicate name
-how many players you can fit at most
-previous syndicate event progress/ranks
-what kind of communication app you use (groupme, kakao, Line)
-what your battle and event requirements are

you can also contact me directly on Line for a fast answer and a chat, userID is jdeuces. search, add and send me a message

Thank you