View Full Version : Looking for 3-6 active LLP - Noobs welcome as long as requirements are met.

11-07-2013, 01:23 AM
We are looking for 3-6 LLP with low levels and higher stats that can easily donate 2M daily to start. Donations based on IPH but our minimum is 2M. We will accept players as low as level 30 as long as their stats are at least 30-50K over level. Example - level 30 should be over 60K in stats. We are looking for lower players. Anyone under 700K in stats welcome.

Players Requirements:
1. Be serious, hard working and very active players especially for Events and War.
2. Get over 20K WD points in War.
3. Have 500 allies.
4. Minimum daily donations of 2M plus be willing to give extra to get bonuses needed.
5. 3rd Party Chat - LINE by Naver required. Frequent check in for faction LTQ, boss, and War.
6. 100K fvf/pvp battle points per event.
7. FUN
8. Be able to follow simple requests and LISTEN. Wait for directions on LINE chat before plunging into events.
9. UK preferred but all time zones welcome.
10. Have only 1 account so that you can dedicate your time to our faction solely. If you have a 2nd account, we may be able to make room for that as well provided it meets the above requirements. All members must participate.

11-07-2013, 06:51 AM
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