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Ace /
11-08-2013, 03:52 AM
Top 150

Finished top 150 last war
1 NEW spot just opened up for top 150 in(THE COLD ARMY)

If interrested please reply with lvl and stats. will reply back within 24hrs

We are looking for active players to join a fun faction. During World Domination we are always shooting higher than our last place due to our experience and that we are active 24/7 thanks to players all around the world. All we need for another jump is killers!

Our requirements are:
1. Must be active during WD, Boss event and FLTQ, Any Faction missions.
2. Communicate,on (Group me) is required !!!
3 .Stats att/def: min 800k
4. 5x IPH a day,
5. Strive for 30k min, on WD

No gold required. but welcomed.
Have fun because it's a game and life comes first !

We have increased our faction after our last war and have 1 free slots. Next war we aim NO LOSSES

We are very knowledgeable and will teach players things they may not know about the game! Come and join the hottest faction out there!

Faction code: 214-255-620
Not interested in mergers!
Our defense leader has good stats : over 3mil. and uses alot of gold.
Health regen: -30%
Building output: +5%
Infantry att/déf: 15% / 30%
Air att/déf: 10% / 20%
Ground att/defense: 15% / 25%
Sea def: 20%
Building defense +20%
Guild member increase +30

11-08-2013, 04:47 AM
Hello im a dedicated daily player who wants to join your faction my present faction is falling apart becuse of merging and bad leadership.
Im lvl 181
Iph 1,1 mil
Att 1,25 mil
Def 1,55
Stats is with current factionbonuses.
Im allways burn some gold in the events, wars