View Full Version : Char transfer - why have methods that don't work?

11-11-2013, 05:36 PM
Ok, so I got a new iPhone and I'm looking to transfer my KA character over. I looked into how to do it before I started setting up the new phone.

There seemed to be three ways listed in the game. Firstly, in the Help menu, they talk about doing a sync of the old phone, sync the new one, and then when opening the KA app, click "yes" to restore data and you should be right. Well, that doesn't work - I followed the sync path and there was no prompt.

Then under the "Funzio ID" button, there's an option to Transfer Game. I logged in my old device, set it up as "Old Device". Logged in on the new one, said I wanted to restore the data... tries to tell me there's no old device set.

I've logged a support request to transfer the account (the third method, if you've "lost" your old device), so hopefully that'll work. My gripe is - why have the other two options available if they don't work? Take them out of the game and simply say "to transfer an account, log a support request with these details."

Vent done :)


I logged a support request to transfer my account on another game I play. In KA terms, they ask you to set up the app on the new device and send the invite codes for your old and new devices - that's it.

The email saying my request had been received is stamped 8.55am

The email saying my account had been transferred is stamped 8.58am.

That's THREE WHOLE MINUTES - and yes, my account for that game is successfully transferred, I've checked.

11-11-2013, 06:16 PM
I've been waiting 3-4 weeks still for a response in the same boat new phone, in game method doesn't work same with iTunes/iCloud backup doesn't work and seems gree support way doesn't work cause it's been almost a month.