View Full Version : looking for active wd particapatiin only, no fltq orfaction bosses expected from you

11-12-2013, 11:10 AM
If all these events are too much for you and you just want to play your own game and fight in the wd battles then we have a good spot for you. We currently are around 40 members with just over half being very active and we have a arrangement for bosses and fltq so none of that would be expected from you if you so chose, all that is expected is the use of our chat app palringo, a little donation and to be as active as you can during wd battle weekends. All levels and sizes of stats welcome but i almost prefer the lower level guys as they seem a little more committed to the group and less likely to jump but everyonel is welcome if you are looking for a place to hang around and to continue to grow with us as a group. Any questions let me know and bonuses and invite code is below, will accept all requests in a few hours and if you apply to several factions to see whos takes you first then skip this one