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11-13-2013, 11:52 AM
Big Dogs 2nd Legion is looking for players at the beginning of their journey in this game. Fresh faction, just started. No bonuses yet, will be used as a space in which players that just started playing this game can grow. After getting to reasonable stats and showing activity, one can move up to Big Dogs, a top 250 faction (with the bonuses from my signature). I will lead this faction with my llp (low-level player, my secondary account), and I have experience in leadership, leading the Big Dogs for a while and now being a senior officer with my hlp (high level player).

Why joining this faction? Well, for starters, if you just started playing, you will need a bit of guidance and advice since the game is not as straight forward as it was 2 years ago. You will benefit from being in contact with a lot of experienced players, as you will have access (and be required to register) to our palringo rooms, where we chat but also talk strategy. Moreover, you will also have access to the Big Dogs online, static forum, where a lot of useful information is posted, mostly drawn from experience.

Last, but not least, players with a large income from the Big Dogs will stop by from time to time to make big donations, to help us get up on our feet.

It will not be an easy task to start up a farm faction from scratch but if you want to grow in a balanced way and get some nice experience and the option to play in a top faction, this is the way to be. All i ask from you is that you're active, low level and that you first want to build up your economy and boosts before leveling up.

PM me or reply here for more details.

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