View Full Version : All Active Synd. Looking For Fun New Members or For Right Synd. To Merge With Us!!!

11-18-2013, 12:28 PM
Want to be part of an ACTIVE SYNDICATE of GREAT PEOPLE who know what they're doing? Are you sick of being in a Syndicate where only a few of you do all the work or what you do goes unnoticed? Or just want to be part of a Great Syndicate? If so join Your Huckleberries!!! I was the Leader of a Top 600 Syndicate (where we went for Wins Rewards not Rank the Last 2 Battles, or we would have easily been in at least the Top 500, we had 30 Wins with 6 Wins in a Row), but after a bad merge a group of the oldest and original members decided to leave the drama from the merge and go back to our original syndicate and rebuild our Fun, All Active, Drama Free Syndicate! We already have 55+ Great Bonuses Unlocked, Including Hideout Health & Damage, Influence Points, and All the Cash Bonuses!!! All the Founding Officers Stats are at least 400-500k+ & all but 3 members have over 300k stats! We're quickly building a Strong, Fun, Team Oriented Syndicate where ALL Members Remain Active, Communicate, Help & Support Each Other & their Syndicate!!! We'll be a Top Ranked Syndicate in No Time!!! We have much combined Game Knowledge that we are all more than willing to share to help build up members stats and we also have a Perfect Battle Strategy!!! Here's your chance to have your Efforts Noticed and Rewarded!! All Levels Welcome if you are Truly Active!!! With only 7 Active Members we Ranked 1500 last battle, all we need is more active members!!! ALL MEMBERS Must Actively Participate in Battles & Events and ALL Must Join GroupMe - Free Group Messaging app.

We also may be willing to MERGE with the Right Syndicate HERE ONLY!!!

Your Huckleberries INVITE CODE 694-596-338
Add Me (Sixes, Leader) 533-300-196
Second Account (Sixes-Bliss) 584-628-266