View Full Version : Help Need with Prestige 14 & 15

Louie MWar
11-21-2013, 04:22 AM
Need some help with final two levels. Please PM me if interested. I have about 6 spots so willing to take individuals or members from the same team. Also reachable on Kakao search ID CCLouieMW

11-21-2013, 07:37 AM
A lot of factions need help with it

11-21-2013, 07:50 AM
I hear ya Louie , so does my faction. We will get it but gonna take some gold. I'm also accepting P.M.'s for same thing. If your going for the combo and your faction isn't gonna make it we need 2 or 3 players that have it prestaged. Even have a couple permanent spots open if interested.

11-21-2013, 07:59 AM
Hey sorry Louie wasn't trying to hijack your thread man. My apologies and good luck getting it done .