View Full Version : LA Resistance/ETF Alliance Ranked 354/1350, recruiting OR merge for our B team!

11-22-2013, 09:38 AM
LA Resistance/ETF Alliance Ranked Top 250/1500 recruiting. 87/62 Bonuses.
LA Resistance/ETF Alliance Ranked 354/1350

LA Resistance:
87 total bonuses, including 3 IP
52 players with strong stats, mixed levels, Good cashflow
Group me chat for organized battles(required)
B team for building and rotating players in when needed

62 Bonuses, 29 members

We are looking for players that fight hard and stay active, gold optional.
Donate what you can to help build the team.
Be prepared to talk trash and be able to take a punch, there's no room for sissy's here, no drama queens, we are here to have fun and kick ass!
We will be cutting dead weight and recruiting!
LA Resistance: 393293516. CLOSED
Elite Task Force:329497196. 15 spaces available, Merge in more we'll make space!
(Screenshots of past experience will get you a better shot at the A team)

We now have a "B" team called ETF that we are looking to build a top 500 team.
If you are looking to work your way up into LA Resistance, join our B team. We are
watching for players that step up and will promote deserving players!
Officers are also needed to help run ETF! Looking for a top 1500 to merge in!
Get in your request and send a PM and we'll get you in ASAP