View Full Version : FC synd Recruiting!!! Lots of bonuses! join join join!

11-22-2013, 09:48 AM
You there, are you new to the game? Are you looking for a nice syndicate? looking for activity?
Then you've come to the right addres!
Our syndicate is here to help you guide through the first months of your gameplay! We have nice and active members, An experienced and strong leader who will help you anytime!
We have lots of hideouts!
And, of course, lots of bonuses!
-Armor def +10%
-explosive def +5%
-car def +15%
-gun def +20%
-meelee def +25%
-building def +25%
-building output +20%
-fight respect payout +10%
-armor attack +5%
syndicate invit code: 753 672 138
Come join, we need you
if you have any questions, just pm me or put a post below
see you in the next event!

11-24-2013, 03:47 AM
Do you want to merge with a top 400 (former top 250) team?
We can provide up to 15-20 spots by removing inactive players and mini accounts
We have 83 bonuses
Daily donations are 3,5 x iph
We have a few heavy and loyal gold spenders
We use "line" app for communication

Join the syndicate or contact me so that we can discuss
Synd: 210 920 352
Me: 416 758 628
Line id: twinspark24