View Full Version : Giving credit when credit is due... (Gree Support)

11-23-2013, 12:35 AM
I have made several posts on some threads bashing Gree support for not (and still haven't) responding to some old tickets I sent in as well as taking several weeks to transfer accounts of my faction mates and in 2 cases my faction mates lost their accounts forever over having their phones stolen.

Well, in the interest of honesty and transparency I will say I had an issue that I turned in a ticket for just a couple hours before the last war. This problem rendered my HLP account useless. I sent in my ticket on the 15th and on the 19th my problem was solved.

This took longer then I would have hoped but being a war weekend I'll cut some slack for that. I didn't have to jump threw any crazy hoops or go back and forth for ever like I have seen with others to get my account fixed.

So thank you Luke Jennings for the fine service I got from you. Gree needs more people like you on the team.