View Full Version : Top 30 sister syndicate looking for new recruits!!

11-24-2013, 02:47 AM
Our main faction, Shadowland 1 is a very successful top 30 syndicate. We have decided to start off a sister syndicate and we already have virtually every bonus maxed. We are doing well so far on the current SLTQ and are near to completing level 8/10 normal. However, we still have 12 valuable spaces available. We would like people who are going to contribute in this SLTQ to come to us, even if you only want to help, not move, please pm me. If you are willing to move to us permanently and you prove yourself to the Shadowland 1 leader by helping in ALL events, scoring a lot of ip points and by having good stats, you will be asked to move into that syndicate.
We have a good chance of getting quite far as most of the members use gold, but to fully achieve our goal we need members with at least 1000 energy when maxed. All we ask is that you join our group on groupme as the intel sharing is vital and we need to make sure no one has full energy or is sitting around not contributing-everyone will be assigned with a task to do, thanks