View Full Version : Whats with Enlist more Recruits in IOS feature??

11-25-2013, 05:49 AM
With the update in IOS we got an extra feature in the Member list of the Faction.

Share your Alliance ID, throught Email, SMS or Facebook.

You can earn Loots with being added by players.

But why? and how does it work? Is it ment for NEW players??

will any request from any player work ?

Or do you have to mail or sms your ID to someone?

Please Explain more GREE

http://i57.servimg.com/u/f57/18/14/33/66/110.jpg (http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=75&u=18143366)

http://i57.servimg.com/u/f57/18/14/33/66/210.jpg (http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=76&u=18143366)

11-25-2013, 06:03 AM
Didnt work for me, sent an invite-email, created account, added the allie, reached level 3, level 4 and.......nothing.....sent a ticket to GREE and......received the already earlier posted strange answer that the ticket was closed brcause the daily reward etc. etc.....

11-26-2013, 01:12 AM
seems to be for new players only.
Confirmed by a faction member from me