View Full Version : 2 spots for active players in top 435 faction

hooply Kim
12-03-2013, 12:33 PM
Welcome to The Green Brigade! A fairly new but very fast growing faction, who finished 435 in Italy.

We have just bought more guild increase so we have 40/42 members, so with more active players we are trying to push higher this coming war.

We are a great bunch of players who always have fun, and are very active during events. All we ask is that you donate daily, there are no set amounts, just what you can afford. Gold is not required, some use it, some don't. The most important requirement is ACTIVITY during all events.

We also use groupme for communicate too.

Our current bonuses are
Health regen - 23%
Ground attack 5%
Infantry attack 10%
Infantry defence 35%
Ground defence 30%
Air defence 20%
Sea defence 20%
Building defence 20%
Building output 10%
Guild increase +22

We have players who put heavy donations in so we are buying more bonuses all the time. If this sounds like a good faction for you then get applying! Invite code 376 678 041