View Full Version : Dedicated, active, fun seeking players wanted to go for wins I. The Netherlands.

General Sir
12-05-2013, 11:51 AM
Close knit, fun, dedicated team looking for a couple active players with average stats for their level. No minimum daily donation, but donate as much as you can to assist with bonuses. We have a good number of bonuses including maxed health regeneration and multiple attack and defense bonuses.

Strong DL at 12million/11.7m. Level 15 walls.

We have gone for streaks and wins in the last three battles. We made 50 wins and 8/9 on the streaks on the previous two. Last war, due to lack of participation from some (now former) members and some unfortunate matchups, we made 35 wins and 5/9 on the streak. Looking for a couple very active people to put us back over the top.

PM me on here ASAP for more info and send a request to 711336984.


12-15-2013, 06:05 AM
User name in game=Silly.
Activeness=Daily player .
Factions=Started as founder/leader of HGK (HomeGrownKillers) when 1st started paying, before i merged with a top 150 faction DF called DeltaForce.
Allies/Units=Allies 500 (max 500) units 6900 (max is 3000)
Attack/Defense=A/1.77M D/2.34M
WD Points=35k
Groupme app=Yes i have.
Gold=Free, but i buy some times.
Faction you're seeking=Top 100+ faction, mostly looking for a faction what completes all FLTQ, gets all 7 units from beat the boss event, and a faction what aims for 50 wins and streak wins.
Reason you left the previous faction=I don't like how the faction is run by the leader.
MW account started on the 2013-05-26 09:49PM