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12-09-2013, 09:03 PM
We are looking for strong individual players or a merge of 5-10 ACTIVE players that would want to join our team and help push us into the top 500! We are a strong faction with a good core group of players! We just finished right around 570 at the Netherlands! We were only 140k out of top 500! We are looking for a handful of ACTIVE players to push us into the top 500! We really need to recruit some more Europeans or players that play while the US is sleeping. There are no set cash donation requirements atm! Our requirements are that you join our outside chat room on Group Me! You MUST be active for the faction ltqs and boss events, the pvp events and especially in the wd tournament! And you MUST be able to score 20k wd points minimum! Our defense leader is a level 210 with over 2 mill defense! And he donates almost 25 mill a day! Plus we have several other players who donate big money so we are regularly getting new bonuses! Most members are anywhere from a level 60-100 but all are active with excellent stats! We are looking for players who have at least 750k A+D!! You MUST be active and love to have fun! Gold or light gold spenders are preferred but not required! We will easily place top 750 again at Cuba!! But we are shooting for top 500!!! So join our crew and lets push for the top 500!! If this sounds like a good fit for you then come and join us in the fight!!!

Faction invite code is - 229-313-601

Our bonuses so far are -

Health Regen - +25%
Building Output - +10%
Ground Attack - +5%
Infantry Attack - +10%
Infantry Def - +25%
Ground Def - +20%
Air Def - +15%
Sea Def - +10%
Building Def - +15%
Guild Increase - +20

Also if you are interested in a feeder/camper faction we have a 2nd team. We'll use this faction to grow players and when they're ready we'll bring them into the main faction! Hope to see you there! Feeder faction invite code is 518-592-938

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