View Full Version : Feeder Faction for a Top 100 Team

12-10-2013, 01:47 PM
Looking for ACTIVE players!

We aren't very good at the moment! lol. But we are doing a roster revamp to start moving up in the standings once we get a competent roster.

We are a secondary team to a Top 100 team, so movements are consistently made to and from to provide support. Mergers are certainly welcome! We do have a bunch of minis in the faction to grow and help out.

We communicate and share intel on GroupMe chat app, and both factions are located all around the world.

Bonuses Currently in effect:
Health Regen: 30%
Infantry Defense: 30%
Ground Defense: 25%
Air Defense: 20%
Sea Defense: 20%
Building Defense: 30%
Building Output: 10%
Guild Member Increase: +16
(subject to change quickly, as the top faction donates significant amount of cash regularly)

Please PM me, if you're interested! Let me know some details about your stats and your abilities that you can bring to the table. In your PM, please provide me with your:

Let's talk! Come join the family!