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12-11-2013, 03:20 PM
we are currently a faction of 41/42, we have been fighting battles now for over 10 wars and a good portion of us has been here from the start. even though we are pretty much full i am always looking for all the good help we can get, we have a few minis, mini minis and a couple in active members that i could and would remove if i had the chance to re place them with good team players, we can even buy another guild bonus if needed to fit in any group that might be looking. I am seeing a lot of factions that are looking to re build and are only a half to 2/3 full, i got to wonder why those groups had so many people leave in the first place, im glad our faction has a low turn over rate and remains full but will always take actions needed to keep improving the group as a whole, i spend more time doing that than i do playing the game of moder war itself, i do enjoy running a faction and the people you get to know along the way. we may not have the best bonuses out there but we are getting them as fast as we can with having no set daily donations. we do require the use of the chat app palringo and active participation in wd and all faction events as much as possible. Any other questions you might have let me know and our information and # is below
We finished around 460the in the last war prior to the win missions starting in wd, since the missions started we have placed around 520,480 and 620th as we tried different ways to best complete more missions

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