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Wolf 1
12-11-2013, 05:29 PM
The Wolf 1 is looking for 8-12 new active team member

Top 1000 faction recruiting now.

We are looking for active players to replace the recently removed inactive members. We placed 792 in the last battle and are are looking to push into the the top 500 with active members.

We are a mix of light gold players and free players and come from the USA, Europe, Hk and Australia.
Our goal is to reach the top 400 and beyond , through team members that are very active players

8 spots are currently available and will have a few more open spot very soon. We would never demand a player have to spend gold that is your choice. Participation is our main requirement.

If you are a faction of 8-12 members are are interested in merging with us we would be very interested in that as well. PM if you are interested and I'm sure we could work something out.

As a guideline the teams we are looking for are:
1) Active
2) Communicate often (MW forum or other)
3) Be respectful to each other
4) Participate in all events (faction LTQ, boss events, PvP, & battles)
5) Cash donation at 4x-6x IPD per day.
6) Defense stat at least 5000x level
7) WP minimum 10,000

Bonuses (46) already achieved:-
-26% Health Regen Time.
+10% Ground Attack
+10% Infantry Attack
+35% Infantry Defense
+30% Ground Defense.
+20% Air Defense
+15% Sea Defense
+15% Building Defense.
+10% Building Output
+22 Guild Member Increase

Our Faction Number is :- 294 553 058

Look forward to hearing from you.