View Full Version : Base Capture. more issues

General Raub
12-14-2013, 06:00 PM
OK since my others issues weren't resolved from the last ltq and I keep getting my tickets closed and I get the same bull***** response.

Let's try this again. It is taking almost 5 mins to travel from map to map for these events. Im not being dramatic! But im not timing my transfers with a stop watch. Its not the phone! Ive tryied every trick in the book for the phone to work properly. Besides that its happening with both accounts on two different devices. I still am getting error messages when trying to vault my cash. I'm getting error messages saying I don't have Internet access when I clearly have a mobile network and wifi access. And now with this new ltq I am not getting credit for my completion of each target. If the go is 8 I attack 8 times and it doesn't give me credit. See I've learned from issues in past to close out of app and reopen to get credit for it! Gree every data release u have issued hasn't fixed all the issues but maybe one but then introduces another issue! All I want for Xmas and a ltq that doesn't (1) royal screws the player whether energy xp or gold expenses and (2) works properly ! This is the season for giving! All this creative naming thus far is a cloak for more and more pricey eevents.ll Let's leave this rant for another thread !

O Yeh I thought I read in another thread that that yall had some great things planed leading up to Cuba? Thus far nothing special! Just more ltq back to back to back with fancy tributes to factions!
But seriously can we fix the issues first. I would like to enjoy the time I spend playing this game again