View Full Version : A suggestion regarding LE buildings.

12-15-2013, 07:52 AM
Ever wanted that building you cant get because it's never to be released? What if Gree made it possible to somehow get it? Anyways So I thought about an idea of some trading services, and what I mean is...what if you could trade another player some money or another building in exchange for a building like Lte or a lv 10 building that someone has, but you want that building/ or dont want to wait that long for upgrade or need it asap to be able to do missions. But mostly for Lte buildings, and Gree should adjust the prices to avoid giving the low level players a huge income. Perhaps a 5% increase of the original price/upgrade if your going to buy it off another player, and to trade, also should adjust a fairly trade so minis wont trade their amstel hotel for a supply depot or whatever. Maybe you should add this or launch this for the 2 year anniversary-lf you wont consider this, make this a 3 day event after World domination every month- and im sure everybody will be happy and waiting for it- so everyone in every country could trade what they want or buy it. And I thought how this would work would be like- say after Wd- World trading has started and you would click on the globe and see a whole list of what people are offering and in exchange for what or just what they could get or highest offer. Also another list of what people are looking for- and maybe talk to the guy to negotiate, there should be a button on the trading "sell" and it would show you all the buildings you have and the lv, and you would click sell, and to accept or decline an offer the buyer should pop up on your news feed and you would hit accept or decline of what he offers< their should be a confirmation button if you accidently hit accept.

Im just going in depth on how I would see it lol, let me know what you think, and should this be added to celebrate 2 year anniversary of Modern War? I think this is a fantastic idea hopefully Gree would consider this and work on it soon or have it ready in a couple of months.