View Full Version : Unless we stop spending money getting Gree to chane MW is an exercise in futility

12-18-2013, 06:35 AM
I applaud everyone's attempts to improve the game and to get Gree to listen but I fear the only thing that will make any difference is if we STOP SPENDING MONEY. As long as the money is flowing into Gree's coffers nothing will change. If you were a Gree employee and the money was coming in as normal and you wanted to keep your job why would you advocate changing the game so players have to spend LESS Gold. Maybe there are 1 or 2 altruistic employees but maybe they need their jobs more. This game will not change or will get worse until the amount of money we spend starts decreasing and then Gree's bosses in Japan will react, NOT BEFORE. I am not complaining about the game, I accept it the way it is, I just don't get so caught up in it any more, and I spend minimal gold. If it changes fine if not so be it.

12-18-2013, 07:07 AM
I see your point but have a different opinion.

this has nothing to do with altruistic thinking but with good sense for business. Gree is a company that has to make profit, as every other company. if customer satisfaction drops under a certain level but profits are still there, some of the companies will react actively. because they know what will follow. probably not Gree but one never knows.

i hate destructive thinking and always try to improve. so as this ship is still intact and has a good concept overall, just there are some dents and probably the crew is not overly motivated, why let it hit the iceberg if i can see it and can still shout? who knows what will happen.

a boycott will not do any good as there will never be enough people really following. if let's say one faction doesn't fight in WD, all the others will cheer and take the place. there will be a natural decrease in spendings anyway as the events are getting ridiculously tough and demotivating. but this is the slow death and there will be no cure except Gree really changing something.