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12-20-2013, 03:33 AM
In the early days when my iTunes bill wasn't sky high, I never really cared for iOS games. There were some stupid apps like, Cut the Rope and Infinity Blade, that were circulating the market. I was never tied too my iPhone, waiting till the clock ticked for a 12 hr marker. I was always thinking, wow, Apple got me to buy the all new iPad 1 because of the cool apps! Where are they???

So I go on with my daily life of YouTube cat videos and surfing the web for cool stuff until I see an Ad banner in the corner with the face of a soldier. I had just bought my first XBox and been playing a Call of Duty so I'm intrigued with something in relation is on a hand held device! So I click and download the app, not expecting too much but then, my god, what sorcery have I uncovered?!?! This is amazing! As time goes on, Allies pile up, people with their "gold cheat codes" add on, I am addicted. This is worse than crack to me.

I start going on rampages, raiding poor bases with my immense 45k Att at such a low level of 30! I go on with my colossal Cruisers of 16 deff. I was on a role, I had even 20 mil saved up!! Crazy with such a low vault limit. After time and time again with my barbaric tactics of making innocent people pay for my crazy upgrades of the Nanotech Factory, I was a lone wolf.

One fine winter morning when my brain needed its hourly dose MW, I login to see a splash screen of magic. FACTIONS. I think to myself, "Factions? The hell is a Faction? I get to join others to destroy people together!!!! NO WAY....MasterT55, did this just get better? Impossible". But it did. I start going crazy, tapping on this new segment of the menu screen waiting for it to load and see a huge NEW logo on this Faction sign. Thus was the start of World Dominations, Battle for Brazil, and the chain of LE buildings.

I continue to research, I see a huge black drill sergeant pointing at me saying I need to join one. So I continue to excitedly browse new turf and see all these new Factions. I decide to try and join the biggest one I could find. Airforce Russia USA Born, only 32 members, F*ck yea!

This whole idea of working together has me hyped up, until the point of "Donations". I had no idea let alone intention, of giving all my hard earned pixel money away! Hell no. The first day goes by and I have no idea what I'm doing here with these players. I am now utterly confused. How the hell do I communicate with my teammates??

I search this Faction screen and see a bar labeled with CHAT, I tap and find that all 32 members have been posting in complete chaos. I look to see that our faction leader said he donated 100 million! I think, wow, what a gangster. I have never seen that much money at once. This guy is crazy to give all that money away!

The next morning I see a new splash screen with a little soldier holding a machine gun, 120 att and 80 deff. The 1 Year Veteran. I think "One year? I haven't played for a year. But ****, this unit is epic." That was my top unit for a while.

The first WD match in Brazil was Legendary, Pirate United Nation had a legendary rivalry with Ferr's Emperors and Super Faction. The Intel was chaotic with everyone doing random hits, uncoordinated declares of war, and no leadership at all. Everything was unprepared. Nobody in our Faction had seen this coming, true disarray.

The last hour of the battle I looked to see that PUN had scored over 27 million points. I was in shock that such a team existed. I was disappointed when I heard news of our team scoring Top 150. I decided to stick around. All of a sudden...BAM...these crazy units! A Fanj Missile Projector with 810 att and 750 deff. "I love this game"

As time went on, World Domination occurred and many LE buildings had taken up prime waterfront real estate, something deadly approached. INFLATION. The death of all things great. After buying vaults, attacking until the crack of dawn, moving to higher and greater factions, buying more vaults, new special events, amazing LE buildings, and more vaults, the game started to get boring. So did GREE with their error's.

It has been almost 2 years since I have found and cherished this game. It is my favorite, and I hate to see this come to an end. I see this as the Fall of the Roman Empire, where something great came from the foundations and then the GREEd of its creators destroy it. I believe many players agree with me that if not a radical change in the handling of Tickets and unquenchable thirst of money this game requires, this game will be the downfall of the company that runs it. I believe the same problems have taken place in Crime City as well, although I no interest in CC.

My goal here is to tell the story of how much I loved this game, and to tell how this game became so prosperous, but to also warn the company that runs it to change. GREE, you will run your loyal customers out if you require 425,000 energy for a campaign.

Inflated units, such as 310000 att should not be used, look what happened to your first WD location Brazil. What happened to their economy? Their old currency was called a Cruzeiro. 1 USD = 2,750,000,000,000 Cruzieros. They got their stuff back in line in 1994. You need to get a grasp on something. My stats have shot from BfB with 64att and now over 4 mill att. Do you get my point. Inflation may seem like you are getting more, but when averaged at a meduim, you are really not, just extra zero's.

I want to know how all of you players got so hooked onto Modern War. Please do share.

12-20-2013, 03:56 AM
I'm sure we all have similar stories. I would of never spent a penny on a mobile app before. Was looking for a war game and found this. Started out as a complete noob ranking up fast with weak stats. I turned to the forum after realizing my competition was getting too far ahead. From then on, improved and eventually bought my first vault for some nice looking LEs. I was hooked. Found myself needing to buy every LE set. Then faction wars came along. Started spending more and more, not just for myself but to see the factions I was in succeed. From one vault, to 5, to 10 , to 20 in a month. Quite an expensive hobby. A true waste of money.
I would of kept going if not for inflation. all the LIMITED edition a sets I have bought were becoming available in LTQS that even a free player could get so all the money I spent was for not. That's when I drew the line. I quit. Chuck up the money I spent as a loss and moved on..... To war of nations,lol. Where I ended spending a nice chunk of change there as well till I had enough with that game.( didn't take long ).
So here I am now. FREE, not just a free player, but free from playing. I check in once in awhile just to see how crazy it's gotten. But a slave i am no more.

12-20-2013, 05:29 AM
i searched up crime in the Google play store. the first app that came up was cc. it looked good so i downloaded it. i scrolled down and saw mw. i screamed f** yeah and downloaded it too. at first it was boring. so i stopped playing it a few months later i decided to give it
another try. i first downloaded these 2 games in dec 2012

12-20-2013, 06:38 AM
I never really got into games on my phone. When I married my wife, I got my first smart phone, an iphone, 1st gen. When the iphone4 came out, we invested into it. most I ever did was play frogger for maybe 20 minutes a day, not consecutively, just waiting on the red light. My little sister-in-law was more into games and such being a high schooler, introduced me to a game where you change a virus and kill everyone in the world before they find a cure. Each game in that app only lasted about 15 minutes, so again it was just red light working. When we got our iphone4's, was about the same time by brother-in-law got his smart phone. It was just the cheapest thing you'll ever see. He was the one who found MW. Prior to factions, he raided and plundered. Finally he began getting raided himself as he had only the 10-15 allies. He needed more. He begged me and my wife to download the game, allie with him, and he could care less if we played or not. After a week, my wife did. Took her another 3 weeks of listening to her repeatedly in my ear, tell me how fun this game is....over and over.

I folded under the pressure....Fine, I said. But only to allie you two.

Now, factions came out days later. I am one of the type of people who read the instructions....FOR EVERYTHING. When we programmed the universal remote for the TV and surround sound and cable, I wasnt done reading the instructions until I read every last number for each code for every TV set. (Habit from the Army). My brother thought that factions were a way to carry your faction members army with yours into a raid of fight. I was forced to continue collecting IPH and units to be in our new faction. Wouldnt take long to figure out exactly how the faction worked.

While playing, it started boring, raid the little stamina I had, expend the energy, and wait an hour to be able to do it again. But if you leveled up, you got to spend 10 minutes doing it instead of 5. I too climbed into the fast track to high level. Brazil was about to begin, we allowed some random person to join us for the first WD. I assumed that some people would buy some in app purchase, but didn't expect to see what I saw. The goal was to get all your hits in you could through an entire battle, then wait and regen about an hour then declare again. But our mystery faction member just kept declaring. There were 4 of us, and we placed top 4K.

Greenland was coming. I found the forums. Created an account. Found a bunch new faction members, merged with another faction, then placed top 1500. Greenland was over, find more faction members. Eventually we began to notice there were only about 6-8 people donating. Create excel sheet to track donations, remove waste product. Next WD, noticed some with very low points, create secondary excel sheet, removed waste product. Over time, we were placing top 750/500, but continued to have issues with in-active recruits. Each WD after Brazil, my wife would stay up all night and fight all three of our players, and I took the day shift. We could not continue to do this if members were not willing to put forth the effort to help out. We werent asking for anyone to do something they couldnt do.

We decided to move on. The most active of us, who became friends picked up and found the Warblers. They had a few similiar issues, but not as bad as we did. With the Warblers came groupme, far better than the in-game chat. My time on the forums and learning for some of the greats, and my military background in strategy and planning quickly made me an officer. With everyone on board and participating, I re-purposed the original excel sheets and uploaded them to google docs, collected emails, shared forms. Since then, the Warblers have been fast tracking to the top.

Through groupme, I have meet some wonderful people who have kept me going. Increase productivity, create side jobs faction members can do to increase the fun....donation poker.

I even have faction mates I call on the phone to just talk to occasionally on my drive home from work. Ive never met the guy. Some faction members have met up in the field, and hung out. Posted pictures of their visit for the faction to see. Interesting how strangers become so close.

12-20-2013, 06:43 AM
Lol, get a life lol...short story lol

Arc Burn
12-20-2013, 06:53 AM
I remember taking days off donations to my faction so a could get a 2 or 3 cruisers at 225k. I remember thinking, "Very low casualty rate and 12/16 stats. I will have a fleet of these!" There was also a valor boat that was awesome that they eventually removed.

Crude scouting through in game app...breaking 20k atk was HUGE in my little faction. Joining a new faction and having my world changed by palringo. Screen shots of attacks? brilliant!

Been a year and a half of fun for me. Oh how the times have changed. Don't regret a minute of it. But it is no longer the same game I fell in love with. Still good to pass the time.

Gen CheeBye
12-20-2013, 07:10 AM
Started in Oct 2012. Was a game I downloaded to get credits for another game I was playing at that time (think Tapjoy). Didn't think too much about MW and actually thought it was boring having to wait 2 days just to upgrade a building. How silly and annoying was that?

Ploughed through the mission maps and without knowing, kept levelling up and thought to myself, "hey I'm doing good!". The horror once I found out what I had done after I found the forum.

Then came introduction of factions and the first WD. Got daily invites from just about everyone and anyone. Settled on the most friendly guy that replied my questions and joined his faction. Brazil was a blast. And I was hooked.

I have moved on since then but have enjoyed being in a top 25 team, getting to grips with stats inflation and over spending and now the next phase...moving down the scale to lower ranking and spending less. Love the interaction with my crew (some I've grown very close to) as well as other acquaintances from other factions or from the forum itself. This is what keeps me hooked on MW at this very moment.

Mighty Min
12-20-2013, 08:13 AM
Great game, good learning curve to keep up with strategy, team up and battle, banter on chatrooms, sometimes even here, started it right at end of 2012, clueless, but happy tapping little figures and buildings, sad when units were getting destructed... Then came issues with hacking [yup, still ongoing, but silenced by all banned accounts who tried to express outrage by venting off outwardly too expressively here in forums] that turned out to just improve overall GREEd earnings as hooked armies kept trying to keep up with the impossible, then glitches started and errors being so common and overwhelming, we started seeing increasing 'farewell' posts along with immense stat inflation... Now it's just an ending phases of what was once really a remarkable idea and game that FUNZIO came up with, but then GREEd stepped in and...


12-20-2013, 06:33 PM
anybody else?

Blade of 3
12-20-2013, 09:27 PM
My school was getting iPads to use for every student. Everyone found a way to get pass the restrictions and were downloading apps. I saw someone playing it and thought I should try it out. I just simply did missions and increase my income. I got some people to play so I would have allies but only a few continued to play. I didn't even bother attacking/raiding people because I didn't see a purpose.

After Gree added factions and I got the one year unit, I started to get into the game more. One of my friends found a nice faction that I joined and I started to understand the game a little better. I slowly turned from that guy that everyone raided to the guy that could raid a lot of people. On a side note, I remember seeing the Jinai Facility in the money buildings randomly and figured out about the LTE buildings that way.

I eventually made another account just to mess around with and build income at a low level so I wouldn't get raided that often. It wasn't long before realizing that the game was based on stats to level ratio. I stopped doing things to increase my level unless they gave out a nice reward.

I built up both of my accounts to where I could be in a top 150 faction. To me I thought this was only for the money spenders, but soon realized that it was possible to get by as long as you have a good stat to level and participate as much as possible. Over time my newer account quickly caught up to my original account and eventually abandoned my original account. I recently bought my first (and last) vault for black friday to defeat the boss event. I'm now riding out MW until it dies. I see it happening with stat inflation not an issue to Gree. Only the oblivious/hopelessly addicted heavy gold spenders are keeping the game going. With the infantry medal system it couldn't be more obvious.

12-21-2013, 01:05 AM
anybody else?This is starting to sound like a 12 Step Thread. Thanks for sharing :)

12-21-2013, 01:07 AM
Ahh the memories.

12-21-2013, 05:24 AM
As anybody else ...hit lvl after lvl cheering I DID IT :) ...factions came along and found out about this great faction named Vff alpha ....I sad to myself ...wow I wanna be in it ...obv. Stats where nowhere to join them ...but Jhenry give me a chance in Vff Charlie ...goal was ...slowly to move up to bravo than alpha .....NEVER DID ....
All mistakes made in the beginning ...now with new knowledge from faction corrected ....still in same faction from day one .

12-21-2013, 05:36 PM
This is starting to sound like a 12 Step Thread. Thanks for sharing :)

No, I'm just curious as to how people started on this adventure of MW.

12-21-2013, 07:04 PM
I first started in September 2012 when I was just looking for new games, I was over MW 3 and was looking for a portable game where I did not need to play at a particular location with a power socket etc

I looking through my iphone deciding whether to download call of duty zombies or fifa 13 and then I saw this gsme on an ad by the side, I thought to myself, this'll be interesting so I downloaded it. I realised something when I first started I thought this game was a piece of sh!t i did not know anything about and it just wasn't what I was looking for, i mean when i first started I looked at other players kicking my sh!t and robbing me blind and I just did not know what to do.

Then came my first boss 3 days into playing, I killed the boss 5 times and suprisingly got 5 rares and now I was the top of my league with 1k attack at level 12 as well as 1k def. People attacked me blindly and levelled me up into a big boy league where I was easily overpowered by some, and I was once again starting from the bottom, then a player called gyhhy came along and taught me all the basics, I learnt that if I was going to succeed at the game I was going to have a least a decent amount of iph and money/ other buildings.

From then me and gyhhy teamed for the B4B where we both joined the same faction. gyhhy was quickly elevated to officer and we fought together and ranked 766 with the Fundamentalists, then in Greenland we missed a top 1000 by less than a medpak due to inactive members and several of the most active players left (gyhhy, sir pimp( he went to =BRAV= and now KYS) and several others who scored 20k or more WD).

In China I could stand longer the inactiveness of my faction and once again oined gyhhy, together we helped our faction finish top 500 (by 2000 points) and helped ourselves to a great unit.

Several wars later (India) i decided that it was going to be the last straw, they were giving out units in Wd that were literaaly 10-20x vetter than the actual WD rewards themselves for example the Aeon Sun striker 60k+ attack and even more def WTF?? When we went to war in Mexico I proudly announced that I was leaving the game for good, I sepnt all my remaining free gold and helped the faction secure a top 400 finish

Here I am now gone for good away from the game

12-22-2013, 10:45 PM