View Full Version : Predator army looking for new recruits

12-20-2013, 05:00 AM
Hello friend! Interested in joining a great faction ranking from 750/1000 in wars. "PREDATOR ARMY" it's for u. We have some open spot available for u. We are looking for active daily players. We have great bonus that u can take advantage of which include:
Health regen: -23%
Ground attack: +5%
Infantry attack: +10%
Infantry defense: +25%
Ground defense : +20%
Air defense: +5%
Sea defense: +5%
Building defense: +20%
Building output: +10%
Guild member: +16
Please help us and join our faction 897374521.
Requirements: be active, 5k + on wars, participate in faction quest and 2m $ donation per day.
Thank u and hope to see u soon.