View Full Version : Not looking for much except help with Santa Suits (we accept new/low level players)

12-24-2013, 12:09 PM
We are a small group who play very casually (i.e. not active on the forum, don't finish a lot of the events, etc.). We are looking for some players to help out with this boss event. We finished day 1, but as you know it gets harder as the days go on.

We do play in the mafia wars - looking for streaks and wins, not rank so gold is obviously not required. We finished somewhere in the top 1,500 last time - but no promises for the future.

We have all bonuses (we inherited a syndicate that was abandoned during a merge), so your stats might go up a bit and get you a few more individual boss prizes too.

We would be happy to accept low level players - bosses are easier anyway and all kills count the same. In fact, we would probably be a good stepping stone for somebody new to the game - you can get your stats up with this event and that will make you more valuable to better teams.

If interested our code is 457 831 099 (East Coast Mob).

12-25-2013, 06:52 PM
Couple of great players starting out in the game joined us and made day 2 a piece of cake. We still have a lot of open spots if anybody wants to join us for the event. No obligation to stay after if you get a better offer. We are through a good chunk of day 3's bosses, so if you join now and help us you'll be sure to get a Santa suit.

If you have a small syndicate who isn't going to be able to finish today, bring everyone over for the next couple of days (except one of course to keep your syndicate) and then go back with the new prize in your inventory.

12-27-2013, 04:31 PM
Still time left to get a Santa Suit (or 3). Don't be the only one in your rivals group to not have a set of these.
Can't get them if you're not in a syndicate - so if you're new to the game, join us and improve your stats quickly!