View Full Version : HTC looking to merge

12-25-2013, 09:42 PM
HTC is looking to merge with another active faction. We have 20+ spots available. We are highly active players looking for like minded individuals to share in the MW experience! Gold is never required and no minimum donations.

We are looking to regain some momentum again. We have participated in every battle to date, first war we got 53rd place. However, due to burnout and shear turnover, we have slowly drifted back. We hope to reverse this with your merger!

We pursue all faction goals as priority!

We use Kakao messenger app for effective communication.

If interested in bringing your faction mates over, let us know ASAP!

Health Regen - 30% Maxed
Ground Atk - 15%
Air Atk - 10%
Infantry Atk - 20%
Sea Atk - 5%
Ground Def - 35% Maxed
Air Def - 35% Maxed
Infantry Def - 35% Maxed
Sea Def - 25%
Building Def - 35% Maxed
Building output - 25%
Guild increase - +30

Current Vault - 8.3 Billion

My kakao ID is H3nryVIII, search for me and shoot me a message.

12-26-2013, 05:15 AM
Still looking for good active players or a bunch of players! Activity and sense of humor is all the requirements! (And kakao)

Are you #smug enough?